• Friday,
  • 33 River Road, Princeton, NJ 8540, USA

    33 River Rd
    Princeton, NJ 08540
  • New Jersey
  • Open
  • This meeting is open and anyone may attend.
  • Mixed group. www.princetonchurchofchrist.com/divorcerecovery.shtml While this is not an overtly Christian program in order to attract unbelievers, we use many of the principles from your ministry. I am not a licensed counselor, but have a master's degree in psychology and have been facilitating support groups for more than ten years. Our minister also has a master's in marriage and family counseling with 30 years experience, but is not licensed in NJ. He conducts the seminars and does pastoral counseling. Phyllis Rich divorcerecovery@softhome.net 609-581-3889
  • Route 27 (Princeton-Kingston Road)
  • Updated January 30, 2017