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    Mixed group. Life Recovery is an authentic community in that we strive to create relationships with people, both within and outside the church, that are genuinely authentic, not superficial. Authenticity also refers to a life of honesty, not perfection, in which the practices of grace and mission are congruent with our profession of faith in Jesus Christ. For authenticity to flourish, Life Recovery seeks to create a safe environment of acceptance, forgiveness, healing and hope. Life Recovery is an authentic community of faith in that it is formed in response to the living God revealed in Jesus Christ. Faith in Life Recovery is not so much a statement or doctrinal position about God as it is a response to God's invitation to follow Christ into God's mission. Faith is action - actions of service directed outward toward the world that "God so loved." Life Recovery is a community in that individuals who respond in faith are connected with God and with each other. Jesus promised that where two or three are gathered together in his name, there he would be present in their midst. Whenever people participate in God‰Ûªs mission, they do so, not individually, but with others. Life Recovery's primary purposes are to fulfill the Great Commission (making new disciples), while following the Great Commandments (loving God and loving others as self). Everyone hurts, everyone struggles. Everyone deserves encouragement, love, and, above all else, the hope offered through a real relationship with Jesus. Life Recovery is a group of imperfect Christians ready to embrace people wherever they are in life. We believe recovery is an essential part of life for everyone. It is the simple but challenging process of daily seeking God‰Ûªs will for our life instead of demanding to go our own way. Recovery is letting God do for us what we cannot do for ourselves while also taking the steps necessary to draw closer to our Creator and Redeemer. It is allowing God to heal our wounded soul so we can help others in the process of healing. Bro. Jerry Hudson jerryahudson@gmail.com 912-850-4568 or 912-359-2517 Find us online at broxtonchurchofgod.com/life-recovery or connect with us on Facebook at facebook.com/liferecoverybroxton.

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  • Updated April 19, 2017