Are you sure you’re ready to date?  Because whether you’re gone through a difficult divorce or if you’ve been single your whole life, let’s face it: dating can be very challenging these days.  So, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself as you get back into dating.

  1. Am I complete?
    Your worth should be based on what God thinks about you—not your relationship status on Facebook.  Whenever you’re tempted to put yourself down, read a Bible verse aloud to remind you of your significance in Christ.
  2. Am I defined by my past?
    No doubt, you’ve been hurt before.  Have you truly grieved your losses?  A good way to do this is write in a journal, meet with a Christian counselor, or join a Life Recovery group.
  3. Am I responsible?
    You can’t blame your parents, your past, or another person for your mistakes.  Want to have healthy friendships now and a strong marriage in the future?  Learn to take responsibility for your part.
  4.  Am I worth loving?
    Are you afraid you’ll never be good enough?  If so, your fears and insecurities could push healthy people away from you.  See yourself as God sees you: worthy of love.  Then you’ll be ready to give—and receive—love!
  5. Am I secure?
    Find your security in Christ.  After all, the opposite sex won’t bring you validation.  Only God can.  So before you consider dating, make sure Christ is your sole source of security.
  6. Am I dependent on others?
    Perhaps you grew up thinking: “The only person I can depend on is myself.”  Resist the urge to rely only on yourself.  Learn that it’s okay—and might even help you—to be vulnerable with safe people.
  7.  Am I connected?
    Continue to maintain close relationships with friends and family who are safe.  Because when you do start to date someone, you’ll want to introduce them to some of your friends and family so they can evaluate whether or not they are a good fit for you.
  8. Am I the same whether single or married?
    Think marriage will change you or the person you’re dating?  Think again!  The truth is you’ll still be the same person after you get married.  Marriage won’t change you—it’ll only expose you.
  9.  Am I worth waiting for?
    Let anyone you date know you’re going to wait until you get married to have sex.  If they aren’t on the same page as you, then they probably aren’t the right one.  And someone who doesn’t respect your values may not respect you.
  10. Am I alone?
    Do you feel alone?  Does it seem like God has forgotten you?  If so, remember God is always with you.  You can rest assured He knows you intimately and is near.