10 Questions to Ask When You’re Feeling Stuck

  1. When did I first realize I was stuck?
    Understanding the timeline will help you determine how long this has been happening. Look for events that may have started this-could be loss, and also a time when a goal was accomplished, sickness, etc.
  2. Where have you noticed the negative aspects of being stuck in your life?
    Relationships, career, physical health can all exhibit the stuck place. You may experience inertia-not moving anywhere but you are in motion doing the same thing over and over. Identifying these places can help move you forward.
  3. Have I been consistent in my spiritual life?
    Sometimes we are stuck in our daily Bible reading, study, and prayer time. When we decrease our time with God, we increase our focus on ourselves. We are helpless without God in our life. Restart today by opening your Bible to a favorite & familiar verse or join a study group.
  4. Who have I disconnected with?
    Sometimes relationships change and we don’t realize it until there is a feeling of being alone. We need connection especially when we feel stuck. Perhaps reconnect with a trusted person either through a phone call or email, even a text message is a good start!
  5. What goals have I set for myself?
    Sometimes being stuck is just about not planning for the future. When did you last reach a goal you set for yourself? Make a list of things you would like to do, experience, visit, or learn. Then do some research to see what it would take to reach your goal.
  6. What obstacles do I face?
    Assessing what you see as obstacles and breaking them down to bite sized tasks can help move you in a new direction. Ask a trusted person for help with some of these obstacles.
  7. What messages do I tell myself?
    Pay attention to your self-talk. Do you call yourself stupid when you make mistakes? Do you say to yourself that you will never be anything other than what you are? Replace those messages with this truth–You are fearfully and wonderfully made and are loved with an everlasting love — believe it!
  8. Who or what am I blaming?
    When we blame others for our life situation, we truly are powerless. Focusing our energies on wishing something other than ourselves to change is a waste of time and a sure sign we are stuck. Work your ‘side of the street’ becoming who God created you to be, forgiving and moving forward in the life He created you to live!
  9. Do I like being stuck?
    Sometimes we are just not that interested in making change. Could it be you are afraid to fail? Maybe depression is a factor. Talking with a Christian Counselor can help determine this and many of the other questions in this list.
  10. Where is my hope?
    Our lives can be bogged down with things of this earth. So much that the Bible says we have ‘clay feet’. That is a pretty good description of the experience of being stuck. Our hope can be in the fact that we have a Savior who redeems us from the pit and can set our feet on solid rock. Today ask Jesus to free you from the feeling of being stuck and to lead you into your new life!