13 Keys To Reaching Your GoalsWe all love a promise of a fresh start! Where do we begin? Here are some keys to achieving your goals:

  1. Start with God. Trusting God with your goals means believing that He is the source of all good things and that He can instruct you about what is good.
  2. Make following God your primary goal, then as you reach your other goals, He will guide you in determining what they are and in reaching them.
  3. To reach your goals, say “yes” to who you are and “no” to others’ definitions and expectations of you.
  4. Sometimes it is just not God’s will that we reach a particular goal. Yet it is not His will that you never reach any of your goals. If that seems to be happening, look for how it may be a pattern in your life that needs addressing.
  5. See if you can relate to any of these patterns: No defined goals; specific goals, but too unrealistic; specific goals, but underresourced or under-planned; external motivation or definition; derailed by personal weaknesses; start but don’t complete or finish; lack of discipline or structure; hit obstacles and not able to recover; failure did you in; people failed you.
  6. Identify your strengths and gifts, and operate within them. Take a strengths or gifts test to determine what they are.
  7. Before you set out to reach your goals, sit down and figure out what it is going to cost you in terms of money, time, sacrifices, relationships,
    acquiring skills, emotion, and gaining knowledge.
  8. As you count the cost, be realistic. Look at your goals in terms of reality, and let reality motivate you. Also look hard at what will be true if you do not pursue your goals and dreams. Can you live with that?
  9. Write out a plan. Include details, specific timeframe and strategies for each step. Decide to commit to the plan and not make excuses.
  10. Mark small achievements. Goals are reached in little steps and should be acknowledged to encourage you to keep going!
  11. Expect challenges and problems. Realize obstacles like fear, other difficult feelings, conflicts with people, busy schedule, lack of resources, lack of abilities, discouragement, doubt, distance from God, second-guessing, and criticism will occur and can help you grow and create resilience.
  12. Failure is not the worst thing that can happen to us. Wasting our lives by not trying is a greater loss.
  13. Ask God to show you who you are and what you are to do – and then trust Him to make a way.