Beating Addiction One Day at a TimeThis is the day the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it,” the psalmist wrote in Psalm 118:24.

Being joyful during these turbulent times is a challenge. But it’s easier said than done. After all, the world is brimming with trials, difficulties, and sufferings—not to mention addictions, habits, and toxic relationships. So, it’s no wonder everyone is stressed.

When a person is in recovery, what’s an excellent way to respond to the stressors of everyday life? Start by turning things over to God. In Martin Luther’s favorite Psalm, Psalm 118, verse 24 is a good reminder that “the Lord has made” every day. Every day is a glorious gift from the Father. And the best way to use the gift of today is to surrender it to God.

Step 3 of Life Recovery says, “We made a decision to turn our wills and our lives over to the care of God.” This third step in recovery involves surrendering. When someone is stuck in addiction or unable to move forward in life for any reason, they must work on turning their lives over to the Lord daily. To read and download the 12 Steps to Life Recovery, click here.

Surrender is a military term. It involves giving up one’s rights to the conqueror. When the losing army surrenders, they lay down their arms, and the winners take control from then on. Likewise, surrendering to God works the same way. God has a plan and purpose for every person; to surrender to God, they must set aside their desires and eagerly seek His.

In recovery, when a person completely surrenders all substances they’re using to escape their problems over to God, He calms their fears and guides their every step. Steve Arterburn said it best: “Today, as you face the uncertainties of everyday life, do your best to turn everything over to God. Whatever it is, He can handle it. And you can be sure that He will handle it when the time is right.

Here is a prescription for a happier and healthier life: (1). Resolve to slow down the pace. (2). Resist the temptation to chase after more pleasure in the form of alcohol, drugs, pornography, shopping, overeating, and codependent relationships. (3). And finally, regain control by learning to say no.

Martin Luther’s song, “A Mighty Fortress,” offers this hope: “We will not fear, for God has willed His truth to triumph through us.” So, take refuge in God—in good times and in bad. And live one day at a time.