defining-everest-lrgRecord the vision and inscribe it on tablets that the one who reads it may run. – Habakkuk 2:2

If we fail to grasp a clear picture of our Everest – God’s highest and best for us – we are apt to settle into mediocrity. The following thoughts may challenge you to start on a path that requires self-reflection and, therefore, courage. But, if you’ll do your part, God can direct you out of a life of quiet desperation into a life of divine inspiration.

  1. Honest self-assessment is the first step to change. A good way to do this is by asking the question, “What is it that I truly want as a result of my faith?” If the answer is not clear, you may feel lost or aimless. It requires courage to define what it is that you are longing for. Once you have identified what you most desire, you remove the mask of “not caring.”
  1. Be willing to discover your childlike ability to dream so you can reclaim the desires of your heart. When you pursue your desires, you may feel childlike and vulnerable. Have you noticed how children are not sophisticated in their unashamed pursuit of their desires? It is only when caregivers shame a child for having wants that being “wantless” begins.
  1. Be willing to resolve past disappointments that may be clouding your ability to see what you want here and now. Many times defining our highest goal requires that we face past disappointments. Our pain can deceive us into believing that life is easier when we don’t desire. The problem with pretending we don’t want more is that fooling ourselves requires that we deaden our souls. As the poet David Whyte writes, “…we cannot neglect our inner fire without damaging ourselves in the process.”
  1. Understand that you were created in the image of God. If you are confused about who you are, get help to discover who God intended you to be. Being intentional requires an inner compass to give you direction. When your security comes from your identity in Jesus Christ, you will not be driven by seeking others approval. If your vision offends others, remember that it is not your responsibility to live out their dreams or to make them comfortable. In fact, God may use your passion in pursuing your dreams to cause others discomfort with their status quo.
  1. Never limit God. When you partner with Him, you have access to His boundless resources and abilities. It is humbling to recognize that what you have dared to dream requires an all-sufficient and daring God to accomplish.