fulfilling-your-mission-lrgA life that’s been set free from sin is a beautiful sight. When you turn from your sin and live a life more in tune with God, you testify to the glory of God and give others hope that He can change their lives. You know that the suffering, affliction, and brokenness come from going and doing things your own way. You know what it’s like to be enslaved to your passions. Yet you should also know there is more to life than bondage – more to life than alcohol or pornography; more to life than envy and jealousy; more to life than work or football. There is healing and freedom. There is beauty and joy. There is love, forgiveness, and mercy.

And, you have the wonderful privilege of proclaiming this Good News to those around you — both in your vocal testimony and in the testimony of your life. I love the saying: Go out and preach Jesus to all you meet, and when necessary, use words.

When you surrender your life to Jesus, He’ll put you on a path of new life. Your salvation is assured, and now you will live a life of gratitude. You’ll change from the inside out because God got a hold of you. Others will notice, and God will be given the honor and glory.