Life Recovery Group Leader Spotlight

The Life Recovery Group Leader Spotlight is a monthly conversation with one of our
faithful Life Recovery Group Leaders, from across the country.

What lie kept Matthew Street in bondage?

He believed the lie that he couldn’t have fun without drugs or alcohol. But after working the 12 Steps, Matthew has been free from addiction for three years.

What makes in-person Life Recovery at FBC Park Street in Charlottesville, VA, so diverse? Find out more.

Kelly Phillips lived a life of crime and drug addiction. But after collapsing at church, she got up and started a new life. Watch Life Recovery Groups’ Coordinator, Terri Ward, talk with Kelly about the Life Recovery Groups she leads in Middlefield, OH.

"If not for the Lord, I probably would not be here today."—Ben Spencer

After 34 years of being wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he never committed, Ben was finally released. He now leads the Life Recovery Groups at First Baptist Dallas in Dallas, TX. Along with Anna Schaefer, the Prison Ministry Coordinator, he uses our Life Recovery resources.

When Amy Payne looked into the mirror, she could hardly believe the meth addict and drug dealer staring back was her. It took facing death for her to surrender her life to Christ. With six years of sobriety under her belt, she now leads the All In Recovery Small Group at VH Dream Center in Scottsville, KY, every Wednesday, 6:30-7:30 pm.

Tenneh Hollins, LCDC, never imagined God would call her out of drug addiction to become an addiction counselor herself and lead a Life Recovery Group. But God’s calling, at times, was so persistent that she couldn’t even sleep at night. So in December, she started the Iron Sharpens Iron group that meets online every Friday, 7:00-8:30 pm. Terri Ward, Life Recovery Groups’ Coordinator, talks with Tenneh about her inspiring story.

After smoking weed, taking speed, and drinking, Michael Orr had planned to kill himself. But he heard a voice saying everything was going to be all right. While attending Alcoholics Anonymous, he received The Life Recovery Bible. Years later, Michael is now sober and leads the 12 Step Life Recovery Bible Study in Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom. Check out Life Recovery Groups’ Coordinator Terri Ward’s interview with Michael. 

Jeanie Fulton’s life abruptly changed when her alcoholic husband shot her and committed suicide. While recovering in the hospital, she read Romans 10:9-10 and surrendered her drinking and life to God. She is now the leader of the Life Recovery Group at Crosspointe Church in Ada, Oklahoma. Don’t miss Life Recovery Groups’ Coordinator Terri Ward’s must-see interview with Jeanie.

“God, remove the mess I’ve made of my life,” Robert Joslyn cried in a treatment facility. Then he finally stopped using alcohol and cocaine. Terri Ward, Life Recovery Groups’ Coordinator, talks to Robert and his wife, Nichole. They lead the Life Recovery Group at The Ascent Church in Monument, Colorado.

Walk into a recovery meeting at Life Recovery Signal Hill in CA, and what will you get? A warm hug, food, and coffee. During the first half of the meeting, the group goes through The Life Recovery Workbook; in the second half, they study the Gospel of John using The Life Recovery Bible. Find out more as Life Recovery Groups’ Coordinator, Terri Ward, interviews the leader, Chuck Glowacz. 

Have you ever hit rock bottom? Lewis Johnson did—literally! He died on his daughter’s floor. Then after being in a coma, God woke him up. Lewis stopped using drugs and alcohol. And he now leads Open Door Recovery—a Life Recovery Group in Bailey, NC. Check out Terri Ward’s must-see interview with him. Visit the group page.
After crying out to Jesus, John Goddard overcame his alcohol cravings. He now leads Humble Beginnings, a Life Recovery Group in Lemoyne, PA. If you’d like to start a Life Recovery Group, don’t miss Life Recovery Groups’ Coordinator Terri Ward’s interview with John. Visit the group page.

Amos Swepston grew up in a family of alcoholics. One night, his stepfather held a shotgun in his face. But he overcame his past and now leads the Life Recovery of Hutchinson group in Hutchinson, KS. Watch Life Recovery Groups‘ Coordinator Terri Ward’s talk with him! Visit the group page.

Terri Ward, Life Recovery Groups‘ Coordinator, talks to Carley Galloway about the Life Recovery Group she leads in Eldridge, IA. Visit the group page.