You want to be healthier. So you start a diet on a Monday. But…life happens.

Many of us struggle with overeating. Instead of succumbing to a food addiction, make some lifestyle changes.

Here are a few suggestions to help you overcome overeating.

Don’t feed your feelings with food.
Do you let your feelings dictate what you eat and how much you eat? If so, you’ll find yourself turning to food whenever you’re feeling happy, sad, lonely, stressed, angry, or mad. Begin to be aware of how you feel when you are eating—even writing the feelings down in a journal. Get into a Life Recovery Group where you’ll find a safe place to talk about your issues, as well as have accountability.

Recognize food is for nutrition and energy.
Begin to notice how you feel after you eat a healthy meal verses a “junk food” meal.  When you begin to feel better after eating—instead of feeling stuffed and lethargic—you are on your way to understanding the real use of food. We use food for connection and to numb feelings rather than for replenishing energy and nutrition. Begin today by paying attention to what you are eating—write down everything you eat in a day and assess where you can make small changes towards healthier food choices.

Find your identity in Christ.
Find your worth in how God sees you, not in how your body looks. Do you feel like you’ll never be good enough? If so, don’t let negative voices hinder you from having confidence in who Christ created you to be. Participate in a Bible study and discover what God says about you and His plan for your life, and how very much you are loved!

Stop condemning yourself.
The more you think of yourself as a bad person, the more likely it is you’ll overeat. Feeling shame can cause you to struggle with food, using food to numb the shame.  Discover the source of the shame and guilt and begin to address those issues. You will find freedom from condemnation and begin to have tools, other than food, which will continue your freedom.

Look to God to meet your needs.
Looking to food to meet your spiritual needs will be a dead end. Instead look to God—go deeper in your relationship with God by spending time in His Word, prayer, and worship. Pray for God to help you draw closer to Him and show you the way in which you need to go. Connect with others who will help you in your walk with God and discover God’s faithfulness to you.

2 Corinthians 1:3 reminds us, “All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort.”

What should you do if you continue to overeat?
The good news is whatever you’re facing, you can make changes in your life to help you stop overeating.  And the result? You’ll feel better and become healthier.  Storms might set you back, but they don’t have to sink you.