Discover Your True IdentityWhere do you find your identity? Would you say it’s your job, having kids, being a spouse, your appearance, or the things you turn to for comfort? Suppose your source of identity is found in anything—or anyone—other than Christ. In that case, you will eventually experience an identity crisis.

Having an identity crisis can take you to places you don’t want to go and to do things you never thought you’d do. An identity crisis may lead to:

  • Having an affair
  • Making poor financial decisions
  • Turning to addiction

Overcoming an identity crisis requires identity reconstruction. For some of us struggling with addiction, though, identifying ourselves as addicts and forming our identity around our addiction keeps us stuck in addiction. Self-identification can explain why some of us struggle with addiction but continue using despite adverse consequences.

What stops us from forming a new identity? Fear. Many of us struggle with fear so much that it can keep us from discovering our real worth in Christ. Don’t let fear, anxiety, panic, or anything else hinder you from uncovering who you are as a person in Christ and His purpose for you.

One person in the Bible who struggled with fear but overcame it to discover his true identity was Jacob. Jacob had deceived his brother, Esau, out of his birthright. Then Jacob ran away and began a whole new life; eventually, however, Esau caught up with him. When Jacob heard Esau had 700 men with him and was headed toward him, “Jacob was terrified at the news” (Genesis 32:7, NLT).

But that night, Jacob found his real identity. He wrestled with God’s Spirit and received a new name, Israel, reflecting a transformed identity and purpose. He was renamed Israel, symbolizing his transformation.

The story of Jacob’s wrestling match with God offers valuable insights into our identity crisis. During that pivotal encounter, Jacob grappled with the divine and his own sense of self. If Jacob had let his fear get the better of him, he never would’ve discovered his worth to the Lord.
This story teaches us that wrestling with our identities can be a profound and even sacred recovery process. Often, the struggle to understand who we are can lead to a deeper, more authentic sense of identity. To learn more about your identity in Christ, find a Life Recovery Group to join here.

As Jacob became Israel, you can overcome your addiction and find your identity in Christ. If you’re in Christ, don’t let fear limit you. You’re a child of the King—an heir to all good things. Go and be who God intended you to be!