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    Thursday, to 9:00 pm

    Mixed group. Healing for the addict, the partner, and the shattered marriage. When sexual addiction intrudes, the collateral damage to individuals, marriages, and families is extensive. the workshop is a six-week therapeutic and education program for individuals and couples. This program is designed to help addicts begin their recovery and spouses find healing for the traumatic impact of the addiction. There is hope for the restoration of a broken marriage! In this group you will explore: -What is addiction? How is the brain affected and what role does it plan in the addiction? -How do our personal core beliefs manipulate our behaviors and our perception of the world? -How has our family of origin affected our perceptions, behaviors and relationships? -How do we start to shift from our "genetic" behaviors/perceptions to healthy inner- and inter-personal relationships? -What effective tools are available and how do we utilize them to start long-term recovery? -What can the partner do to understand her/his adaptive behaviors to the addictive family environment and begin his/her own recovery? Begin your transformation journey to break free from the bondage of addiction. Call today to reserve your space.

  • Community Presbyterian Counseling Center

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  • Updated June 6, 2019

Ginny Mosby, LMFT, CSAT