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    Saturday, to 11:00 am

    Mixed group.

    Are you feeling frustrated, hopeless, or lost in your role as a parent? Are you interested in learning new techniques developed by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend and receiving the support of other parents? Come and join our group, led by a clinical psychologist, and attended by other parents like you. We can help!

    ?Se siente frustrado, sin esperanza, o perdido en su papel como papa? ?Le interesa aprender nuevas tecnicas desarrolladas por los psicologos Henry Cloud y John Townsend y recibir el apoyo de otros papas? Juntese con nosotros en un grupo de papas con una lider que es una psicologa con licensia. Aqui le podemos ayudar.

  • Clinica Oscar A. Romero

    123 S Alvarado St
    Los Angeles, CA 90057


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