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    Life Recovery Workbook for Eating Disorders

    Group will be capped at the first 10 women to RSVP and will start the first Monday in June unless it fills up sooner.

    Group will be using the Marco Polo - Video Chat App. It's kind of like messenger, but instead of sending a text, you send a video. These videos can be viewed anytime (even at 3am) and they can be made anytime.

    The way a group would work using Marco Polo is that we would each read through the lesson and answer the questions in our books. When you have answered all the questions for that week, you would record a video reading your answers. Everyone's videos should be in by Sunday night and we will all start the next week's lesson on Monday.

    A LOT of women initially say "I hate seeing myself on camera!" I get it. Being on camera is the closest we can get to being in person and makes you really feel like you're connecting with another person, but if you absolutely don't want to be on camera, you can always read your answers with the camera not looking at you.

    I will be getting women set up with the app and added to the group from now until the End of May. Then we will start with lesson one and have our first lesson done by the following Monday,


    If you're interested in talking more about what this would look like, give me a call. Donna 937-657-9286

    Check out an informative Video Invitation from Donna at https://youtu.be/GV1XFZxdrn4

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  • Updated May 11, 2023