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    Emotional Coaching: The Heart of Parenting A new program designed by the Gottman Institute to help you become the parent you want to be! The Gottman Institute was founded by John Gottman, PhD, a world renowned marriage and family researcher. What outcomes can I expect? 1. Create a foundation of emotional intelligence in your child! 2. Recognize, respond to, and validate what children are feeling 3. Effectively use the 5 steps of Emotion Coaching for children of any age 4. Develop ways to express understanding and empathy 5. Learn to set limits and problem-solve with your kids What do I get when I sign up? 1. 5 group sessions co-led by licensed counselors trained in Marriage and Family therapy 2. Weekly action assignments to take what you learn and put it into practice 3. Email access to your counselors throughout the week to ask questions and receive feedback 4. 2 1/2 hours of video lessons focused on teaching the 5 step process for emotional parenting Dr. John Gottman studied families for over 2 decades to learn which kids were developing successfully and which were not. He measured how well the children performed in school, observed how well they related to their peers, and interviewed them to see how appropriately they behaved socially and how they related to their parents. After years of research, his team kept finding the same results: children who were Emotion Coached were more successful as adults on measures like peer friendships, gainful employment, and academic performance than were children parented in other ways. The group is limited to 12 people. give your kids the emotional intelligence they need to become successful adults.

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