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    Sunday, to 6:00 pm

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    This meeting is open and anyone may attend.

    Mixed group.

    Hurts, habits, or hang-ups? There is Hope in Christ-Centered healing. In the FISH Group (Fellowship of Integrity, Strength, and Hope), we share our experience, strength and hope with each other, and respect the anonymity of each person. We have found that the Bible is the greatest book on recovery ever written. We get to know our Jesus as our Higher Power who is waiting with arms outstretched for all us to turn back to Him, seek His will, and recover the wonderful life He has for each of us. Recovery is letting God do for us what we could not do while taking the steps necessary to draw closer in a loving relationship with Jesus.

    Our experience has shown that without God, there is no recovery or joy in our lives, only more disappointing substitutions and repeated failures. In FISH Group, we learn that by surrendering our will and our old way of living to God, He provides us a new design for living with a future and a hope. We pray that the fellowship of the FISH Group will help us all better understand who God is and how he wants to heal our brokenness and set us on the path toward wholeness.

  • Cape Carteret Baptist Church

    101 Anita Forte Dr
    Cape Carteret, NC 28584

    North Carolina

  • Updated May 3, 2019

Dudley Brownlow