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    Thursday, to 9:00 pm

    • Women

    This small group will examine decisions you need to make in order to experience healing, as well as the potential roadblocks - the lies - that will prevent you from making them. Life is a choice. It is not so much what happens to each of us that determines our quality of life, but rather our reaction to what happens. Though we may have no choice in unexpected events that happen to us, we most certainly have choice in what we believe about what happens, and in what we choose to do about it. These choices make all the difference in how we experience ourselves, others and very much determines the quality of our life. If you've known the pain of abuse, isolation, neglect, or betrayal...experience the disappointment of shattered dreams...tasted the bitter regret of wounding others, come grow with others in learning how our God transforms mistakes, wounds, and foolishness into humility, growth, blessing, and grace. This 16 week therapeutic women's group is designed for building and renewing intimacy with God and others.

  • 1151 Dove St., Suite #105, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA

    1151 Dove St #105
    Newport Beach, CA 92660


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  • Updated June 6, 2019