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    Life Issues is a Christ-centered addiction recovery program. Our mission statement is: "Helping, Saving, and Freeing the addicted by the Spirit of the Lord." (Luke 4:18-19)

    Helping: By God's grace, we are here to help and heal the brokenhearted however we can. Sometimes that means giving transportation, food, clothing, or other resources to help meet your physical needs.

    Saving: We believe that other programs can help you get clean and sober, but only the truth will make you free. Jesus Christ is the "truth," so a key part of having your life renovated is having your spirit regenerated by faith in Him (salvation).

    Freeing: Recovery can be defined as becoming who God intended you to be before addiction and wrong doing hijacked your life. In addition to holding weekly meetings; Life Issues offers a one-on-one sponsor led program. As one beggar shows another where to find bread, so we'll assign someone to help you find your way-out of confusion and regain purpose!

    Please visit our Life Issues Facebook page for more information:

    Josh Wright

  • New Testament Baptist Church

    962 N Church St
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  • Updated January 11, 2024