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    Tuesday, to 8:30 pm

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    This meeting is open and anyone may attend.

    Mixed Group.

    A 12 step group is just for addicts..right? Or is it? Life events such as chronic illnesses, abuse, co-dependent tendencies, and yes all kinds of addictions can lead us down roads we never intended to take. We wake up one morning and realize we are lost. This 12 Step group is about becoming emotionally and spiritually healthy. Realizing and admitting we are lost is huge step for most of us. Learning to let go of negative patterns in our thoughts, emotions and our behaviors is the path to finding the full life Jesus promises us. So come join the rest of the "lost sheep" and join a community that is finding their way "one day at at time."

    Tuesday nights focus is on addictions. For Co-Dependency and other issues see our Wednesday night group. It meets at the same location from 7pm -8:30.

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  • Updated June 10, 2019

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