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    Tuesday, to 8:30 pm

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    This meeting is open and anyone may attend.

    Mixed group.

    Let the "Pain Stop" Come and find out how... We do a "Step Meeting" according to the month (1st month - January - 1st Step.. etc.) We read from the "Life Recovery" book and use Biblical parallels to enhance our walk in Recovery. Discussion is open and a topic is picked for everyone to share on the topic... A member may have the topic or and issue they are dealing with....'

    We leave the shame at the door... We all need a break from life - Recovering from life on life's terms and by using the Steps as an application for a "New Outlook" in our journey of recovery and every day life experiences..... Every meeting we remind all... Recovery is a process that leads to freedom to a new way of living.

    The last Tuesday we hold a "Worship Service" with songs and testimonies and food afterwards for fellowship. Come see us and know you are not alone.

  • Pittsburgh Gospel Tabernacle Church

    623 S Main St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15220


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  • Updated June 13, 2019