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    Tuesday, to 8:30 pm

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    This meeting is open and anyone may attend.

    Mixed group.

    Healing is a Choice and other addictions. Find your small Confidential Non-Judgmental Groups who are prepared to take off their Sunday Smiles to be transparent and authentic. Group Studies last 8-12 weeks. Most studies from Living Free material at livingfree.org. Learn to live from your heart to experience peace and joy like never before. Recovery is about exceeding one's current potential, and reaching one's God-intended destiny. Eph 2:10 Paul is clearly saying that our destiny has been prepared for us by God. Recovery is suppose to help us get past the obstacles created by traumas, so they will no longer block us from reaching our destiny and doing the things God has in mind for us. ---from the life model.

  • 627 West Main ST., Henderson, TN 38340, USA

    627 W Main St
    Henderson, TN 38340

    West Tennessee


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