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    Friday, to 8:30 am

    • Closed
    • Men

    This meeting is closed; only those who have a desire to stop drinking may attend.

    Pre-screening required.

    We have 3 men in mind who will get a lot out of this group. The first man's life is in CHAOS due to habitual sin of some nature. He's tried to get it under control -- maybe several times -- but he cannot stop. He fears looming consequences in his health, life or marriage if he doesn't figure this out. He is secretly afraid. We've been there, we can help you see the end from the beginning. This Life Recovery Group will be a safe place where you can find help and move toward truth and freedom. The second man who will like this group is TAKING CARE. This man is unsettled about his future. He is in mid-life and sees retirement in his near- to mid-term future. He may be an empty nester and struggles in his relationships at work, at home, and/or with his adult children. Pornography, alcohol or drugs may or may not be complicating his life. In any case, we can help this man gain confidence and sort it all out. The third man who will benefit from Friday mornings is TAKING CHARGE. He knows the Bible speaks more into his life than he understands, but wants to learn more. He may have heard that the 12 Steps, adapted from AA, may give him a track to run on (even though he doesn't drink). This group will be perfect for him. Friday mornings will be about building a little community of like-minded brothers doing life recovery together. If a man knows he has a problem and he wants to get well, he qualifies. I would love to have a phone conversation with him to explore the possibilities.

  • Waterfront Community Church

    2080 Stonington Ave
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60169


  • Updated September 27, 2018

Jack Gallaway