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    Thursday, to 8:15 pm

    • Men

    Pre-screening required.

    Call Tony first before coming to first meeting. Men's group dealing with sexual purity and to attain accountability and become better men.

    Sexual purity is not accomplished easily. Remember it is not just a body thing but your mind body and soul must get and stay pure. Years of feeding ourselves lustful thoughts, images and indulging our desires have built a hard wired road map in our brains leading to sin. Although our Lord can heal us from this, most of the time He gives us His grace, resources and fellow men to help us get out. We are not meant to do life alone, Jesus sent out the disciples 2 by 2, so that they may help each other on their way.

    This is why we must help each other at times of weakness, mentor those beginning their journey and learn from those which have achieved victory. Sexual immorality separates us from our loves ones and makes it harder and harder to hear the Holey Spirit speaking to us. Though He will never leave us or forsake us, when we keep grieving him by making our own wrong choices we become deaf to hearing His correction until it's too late. Divorce, disease, prison or even death await us if we continue living a sexually immoral life.

    Choose life!, Break free from the grips of sin we call lust and be fully restored., join us now.

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  • Updated December 7, 2020