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    Wednesday, to 8:30 pm

    • Women

    This is a weekly meeting for those struggling with a history of sexual abuse, childhood traumas, and/or date rape. This support/recovery group will find camaraderie and support in past experiences. Topics included are betrayal, abandonment, rejection, ambivalence, powerlessness and styles of relating. While on this journey, one can expect to rediscover who they are, and why they relate with themselves and others the way that they do. These groups will hold to the strictest rules of confidentiality intended to guard personal privacy within the limits and boundaries of the law. Each member must have completed an initial assessment and be approved as appropriate for the class. These groups are a 16 week course. The fee for these classes are $25/week with the first 8 weeks collected at or before the first meeting ($200), and then the remainder balance to be paid in full by the 8th week (2 $200 payment). Visa/MasterCard are accepted. Fees are non-refundable. Please call or text to inquire further, make an initial assessment meeting, and/or register for the course.

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  • Updated June 10, 2019

Laurie Boerman