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    Tuesday, to 8:00 pm

    • In-person

    Open/Men's Group

    Turning Points (South BSL -2) is a MENS ONLY GROUP

    We are Christ centered, and search for Gods loving Grace each and everyday in our lives. We can do nothing on our own, but through Christ Jesus our Lord we can do anything!

    When men meet in male-only support groups, they can freely share topics and issues that men are more likely to understand. Their peers know all about the pressures today’s man faces, including communication issues, job stresses, and family problems. They’re usually more willing to open up and share in such a setting.

    Many men don’t have positive outlets for self-expression. They may also buy into the viewpoint that men don’t cry or have feelings. Instead of freely expressing themselves, they turned to drug and alcohol abuse as a way to cope.

    In addiction support groups for men, they may experience encouragement and support for the first time in their lives. They’ll learn that their feelings are valid and that they can show them.

    Please share this with as many people as you think might benefit from it, and never forget...

    P.S. - Stand Firm - Shine Bright & Share Often. We HOPE AND PRAY TO SEE YOU THERE!

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