6 Things Porn Does to the Brain

6 Things Porn Does to the BrainBefore porn, we were probably much happier, more confident, and socialized more. But later when we became fixated on porn, we began to experience problems in our lives. After all, our brains are like plastic—repeated stimulus, such as watching porn, affects the neurochemical balance in our brains. Here are 6 things porn does to the brain.

  1. Depression
    As we give in to the lure of porn, we may become depressed. It can leave us feeling tired, sad, irritable, unable to sleep, worthless, hopeless, and many more symptoms. Our amygdala is the part of our brain that helps deliver emotional responses like fear and pleasure. When the amygdala has constant exposure to cortisol, like while watching porn, it can become enlarged and more hyperactive. But we can deal with the detrimental effects of depression by seeing a doctor and a licensed Christian counselor. (more…)