Dangerous Self-Perception

Dangerous Self-PerceptionOne of the dangers of living in bondage to your compulsive behaviors for a while is that you may see yourself as more bad than good. This all-or-nothing type of thinking in life is extreme. When you think this way, every thought—from how you view yourself to how you view other people—can be divided into black-or-white terms. This leaves little room, if any, for the gray areas in-between.

In recovery, this type of self-perception is dangerous because it is not a true view of yourself. You need to see that you aren’t all bad; neither are you all good. If not, it creates a cycle of anxiety, shame, and depression. Having a realistic view of yourself will help you better understand your shortcomings; if you fail, you won’t see it as final. By having a more balanced view of yourself, you can move forward in your recovery. (more…)