Understanding and Loving a Family Member with Alcohol or Drug Addiction

Understanding and Loving a Family Member with Alcohol or Drug AddictionIt has been said that alcoholism is a family disease. Why? Alcoholism affects the entire family—everyone in the family needs to get help. If you have a family member who struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, is there a healthy way to respond to them? Yes, absolutely! You must understand family roles, and understand what your next step should be.

What Are the Family Roles?
In looking at families of addicts, there are different behavioral roles:

The Dependent: this is the alcoholic/addict in the family. He or she has the real problem.

The Chief Enabler: this role is typically taken up by a spouse (more…)

Gossip in Groups

Gossip in GroupsElizabeth had been in a small group of ladies she had known since growing up. She felt so comfortable with them that she opened up and shared some important things. But after she risked telling about something very personal, she learned they gossiped about her. Elizabeth felt so betrayed that she left the group and has struggled with trusting new groups.

Like Elizabeth, you may have been betrayed by a group that betrayed confidence or gossiped about you. Sadly, many people have been hurt by gossip in groups, or have had someone share what was shared in a group to someone outside the group. (more…)