6 Obstacles to Overcome on the Slippery Slope of Relapse

6 Obstacles to Overcome on the Slippery Slope of RelapseThroughout life, there are obstacles to overcome. Addiction is certainly no exception. The journey to sobriety can be long, and obstacles will inevitably arise. Will you go over, under, or around them? Or will you stop and give up? It is all too easy to relapse and fall back into addiction. The good news is that life is full of choices. And Christ makes victory possible. “Despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us” (Romans 8:37, NLT).

To avoid relapse, be on the lookout for—and overcome-—the following six obstacles. (more…)

Break Free from Burnout

Break Free From BurnoutThere’s a dangerous sickness in our culture that is threatening to destroy us—body, mind, and soul. What is it? Burnout. It has a lot of different signs and symptoms. But one of the most common symptoms is fatigue.

Can you relate? Are you tired? Depleted? Worn out? If you’re struggling with burnout, it will also make you stop caring. Yes, that’s right! You’ll stop investing in what is important. And burnout leads to a bad decision-making process and—eventually—bad decisions.

Burnout is not something that God wants for you. What does burnout look like? (more…)