Two Must-Haves for Finding Balance

Two Must-Haves for Finding BalanceAnyone who doesn’t carve out time for their physical, spiritual, and personal time will burn out, bum out, and—eventually—act out. Is it possible to prevent burnout and acting out from happening? Thankfully, yes!

Prevent exhaustion by forming healthy habits such as getting enough sleep, learning to say no, spending time with the Lord every day, and not taking on too much. However, there are two must-haves for finding balance: boundaries and accountability.

One can only take care of themselves by setting boundaries with their time and energy. There must be enough time for priorities such as getting plenty of rest, checking in with an accountability partner or sponsor, and going to a Life Recovery Group weekly. It is important to decide that rest, self-care, spiritual health, and personal time are non-negotiable. So, if there is a crisis such as a death in the family, job loss, or divorce, self-care is still done daily. (more…)

How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Accomplishing

How to Stop Procrastinating and Start AccomplishingLet’s be honest—we all procrastinate. Some of us might put off overcoming an unhealthy habit that we’ve struggled with for years; and others of us may have a long list of work projects on our desk that never seem to get done.

Instead of doing it today, we put it off until tomorrow. But when tomorrow comes, we don’t do it. Tomorrow turns into next week, next month, and—eventually—never.

Sound familiar? Is there a way you can stop procrastinating and start accomplishing? Yes. First, discover why you put things off.

People tend to procrastinate for three reasons: (more…)

Order in the Court

Order in the CourtSt. Augustine defined peace as ‘the tranquility of order.’ That’s true on many levels, isn’t it? At the grandest of levels, Jesus Christ’s return will bring peace through the restoration of order lost in Eden. And, on a far more mundane level, a disorganized life is synonymous with a hectic life. Whatever the context, the axiom holds: peace cannot coexist with chaos.

We never plan on becoming addicted, but the progression of addiction creates chaos. To set our recovery on the right path, we need to restore order in our lives, develop new time-management skills, and make organization and structure a priority. In the early stages of recovery, it can feel like our life is all over the place. (more…)