How to Stress Less During the Holidays

How to Stress Less During the HolidaysWe envision having a “holly, jolly Christmas.” After all, the Christmas song tells us, “It’s the best time of the year.”

But things are different this year. It doesn’t seem very jolly. Between busyness, unforeseen circumstances, and difficult family members, our stress level is at an all-time high. Truth be told, it’s anything BUT the best time of year. Is there a way to stress less during the holidays? Yes! To help you get through the holidays and to stress less, there are three steps you must take.

Step 1: Let Go of Unrealistic Expectations
There are often too high of expectations put on us by family and friends. (more…)

The Paralysis of Perfectionism

The Paralysis of Perfectionism“We don’t always have to be strong or pretend to be perfect.” – Steve Arterburn

Perfectionism and addiction go hand in hand. Those of us who struggle with addiction can be extremely hard on ourselves. We don’t give ourselves any room for mistakes, and it’s easy for us to procrastinate or give up because we’re afraid of not being good enough.

When things don’t go perfectly as planned, some of us use it as an excuse to go back to addiction. (more…)

5 Tips for Working Your Recovery During the Holidays

5 Tips for Working Your Recovery During the HolidaysI dread the holiday time of year‘ is a statement shared by many with sadness, yet complete honesty. Even though most people long for the warm feelings evoked by images on Christmas greeting cards of ‘roasted chestnuts and open fires‘ shared with loved ones, many find this happy and loving picture far from their reality. They feel overwhelmed by the prospect of obligatory gift buying, feigned merriment at parties they’d rather not be at, frantic eating, and nostalgia from memories of times past with people who, for various reasons, are no longer part of their holidays. And sadly, many in recovery experience a destructive relapse.

Here are 5 tips for working your recovery during the holidays: (more…)